Pankaj Kapur Birthday: How The Veteran Actor Reconciled With Shahid Kapoor Years After His Divorce With Neliima Azeem

On Pankaj Kapur's birthday, here's a flashback to how he re-entered son Shahid Kapoor's life after separating from Neliima Azeem

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Pankaj Kapur Birthday: How The Veteran Actor Reconciled With Shahid Kapoor Years After His Divorce With Neliima Azeem
Veteran actor and filmmaker Pankaj Kapur, who is father to Shahid Kapoor, celebrates his 66th birthday today, that is, on May 29, 2020. Pankaj and Shahid share a great bond at present and we often see the actor and his wife Mira posting pictures of their happy family on social media. Things, however, weren't always the same after Pankaj Kapur had separated from his ex-wife and Shahid's mother Neliima Azeem when the Shandaar actor was just a toddler. In an old interview with Hindustan Times, Shahid had opened on the going through such mess during his young days.

He had said, "My parents separated when I was three, but I was extremely secure as a child. It has a lot to do with the kind of effort dad and I made to keep it (our relationship) healthy, normal and positive. You know, sometimes, he says that he wants to shift out of town and lead a chilled-out life, maybe five or 10 years down the line. I don’t like that. He is a big part of my life.” In response to which, Pankaj said that separating from Shahid was a big emotional loss for him and he always hoped to once again enter his life when they stay apart.

Pankaj stated, “As Shahid said, it is very difficult to explain. For a father, to separate from his son is not easy. It was a huge emotional loss for me (the last time around) and I started living with the hope that there will come a time when we will come close to each other again. And today, it’s a great feeling to sit next to him, see his work or hear him speak and bond with the family. Definitely, yes. I missed him every day, but there were professional constraints. What’s most fortunate is that once he turned 18, Shahid assisted me for a while, so we got to spend a lot of time with each other. Then, we started going on holidays together with the family, so the bonding increased, especially after we shifted to our new house.”

In one of his interviews with Deccan Chronicle, the Kabir Singh actor had admitted to not having too much interaction with his father as a child. He had said, "My bond with my children will be very different from dad’s and mine."  (ALSO READ -Shahid Kapoor's Mom Neliima Azeem On Her Separation With Pankaj Kapur, ‘I Didn’t Decide To Separate, He Moved On’)

It was after the birth of Shahid Kapoor's kids - Misha and Zain - that Pankaj Kapur got even closer to him and his family. Shahid, on the other hand, had revealed how it was after the birth of his kids that he realised how important it is for one to stay in touch with his/her parents.

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