Pooja Bedi Reacts On Receiving Backlash For Criticising Quarantine Facility In Goa, ‘Didn’t Want Healthy People To Get Infected’

Pooja Bedi said that purpose of making the video, where she was seen showing the condition of quarantine facilities, was she didn’t want healthy people to get infected

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Pooja Bedi Reacts On Receiving Backlash For Criticising Quarantine Facility In Goa, ‘Didn’t Want Healthy People To Get Infected’
Pooja Bedi is currently in Goa with a fiancé Maneck Contractor. The actress has been the talk of the town ever since she starting sharing about her journey to Goa from Mumbai on social media. Pooja Bedi was subjected to troll when she posted a video about the condition of quarantine facilities that she and her fiancé were subjected to. Pooja received backlash for using her celebrity status and tantrums at the quarantine centre. Bedi in her latest interview said that the purpose of making the video as she didn’t want healthy people to get infected.

Reacting about the same, Pooja told BT, “I didn’t want healthy people to go into the facility, get infected and bring the virus into Goa. My intention was to reveal the condition there and it should have been taken in the right spirit. However, I was trolled for being an ‘outsider’ and a ‘celebrity’. I’m used to being trolled, but this was disheartening. People were insinuating that we had used influence to get into Goa, which is not true.”

When asked about the hygiene at the quarantine centre, Pooja said, “If you see the video, you will understand my outrage. We were travelling from a sanitised home, in a sanitised car, hoping to go to yet another sanitised home in Goa, and then, we are subjected to facilities like that. Forget sanitising, the facility was not even clean and lacked basic hygiene. In a quarantine facility, proper sanitisation is absolutely essential.”

“We chose not to ask for a single favour and conducted ourselves like law-abiding citizens with all documents in place. I love my fellow Goans, but a celebrity entering the state should not be viewed with prejudice. How can they call us outsiders? We have created these borders, but the virus doesn’t see borders. It’s absurd to have that kind of reaction from people where they say ‘go back to the state you belong to’. We are not outsiders in any state, we are Indians.” (ALSO READ: Alaya F's Mum Pooja Bedi Quarantined After Driving Back To Goa With Fiancé; Says The Process Cannot Become An Acceptable Way Of Life)

Tweeting the video in question, Pooja had written, “The lack of hygiene & sanitization makes it a BREEDING GROUND for viruses. People who enter goa WITHOUT corona may get it at such a badly sanitised quarantine centre. I TWEETED out of CONCERN 4 the safety of others... BUT all people can focus on is that "a celebrity entered goa"?

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