Poora Skirt Gaya Uske Sir Ke Uper: Farah Khan REVEALS How Pooja Bedi’s Shot Went Wrong During ‘Pehla Nasha’ Shoot

Farah Khan revisits how they managed to film Pooja Bedi's Pehla Nasha song and how it was difficult to do that with her skirt

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Poora Skirt Gaya Uske Sir Ke Uper: Farah Khan REVEALS How Pooja Bedi’s Shot Went Wrong During ‘Pehla Nasha’ Shoot
Farah Khan has accumulated numerous anecdotes from her time working with Bollywood actors and actresses, witnessing a plethora of humorous and awkward celebrity moments. Among these, one incident stands out involving actress Pooja Bedi during the shooting of the song "Pehla Nasha" in the 1990s film "Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar." Farah, who was the choreographer-director for the song, shared this memorable episode during an interview with Radio Nasha.

During the shoot, Farah instructed Pooja to stand on a car while a fan would blow on her, reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress moment. However, Pooja was supposed to hold her skirt down to prevent it from flying up. Despite these instructions, when the fan was turned on, Pooja forgot to hold her skirt, which then flew over her head, causing the spot boy managing the fan to faint. Farah humorously recalled that this was the first time she saw a thong, as Pooja's wardrobe malfunction was quite unexpected.

In addition to this incident, Pooja Bedi herself recounted a frightening experience on "The Kapil Sharma Show." She revealed that during an era devoid of the internet, people would often make direct, personal contact. Pooja had a particularly unsettling encounter with a man who obsessively harassed her. He had named himself Anais-Anais, after her favorite perfume, and would call her incessantly, up to 10,000 times a day, and even wrote letters in blood. Despite her efforts to track him down, he eluded capture.

The harassment reached a peak when he broke into her home, holding a bikini she had worn in the film "Lootera." This man had purchased the bikini at an auction, stating that if he couldn’t hug Pooja, he could at least hug her bikini. Pooja attempted to reason with him, but the harassment continued until she got married. She eventually married Farhan Furniturewalla on May 6, 1994, after dating for three and a half years. Pooja converted to Islam to prevent future issues for their children, but the couple divorced on Valentine's Day in 2003, after twelve years of marriage. These stories highlight the unpredictable and sometimes unsettling experiences that celebrities face, juxtaposing humorous on-set moments with the darker side of fan obsession.

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