Ram Gopal Varma Expresses Shock Over Video Of A Woman Being Beaten Up By A Mob

Ram Gopal Varma, who is quite an active social media user, recently reacted to a video of a woman getting beaten up by men. Read on!

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Ram Gopal Varma Expresses Shock Over Video Of A Woman Being Beaten Up By A Mob
Tehseen Poonawalla recently took to Twitter to share a video of a woman getting brutally beaten up by three men. Sharing the video, he expressed her anger and asked her followers to update her with the location and date. He wrote, 'I have received another complaint of a woman being brutally beaten up by a mob. If anyone can update me on this case: wrt location and date. What kind of a barbaric society have we become, the person is laughing while filming this! No fear of the law? Contempt of SC judgments!'

Ram Gopal Varma reacted to the Twitter post and expressed his anger too. The filmmaker tweeted, 'I can't believe what I am seeing here... and if these filthy brutes are not in prison by now, I can't believe in this country anymore.'

Ram Gopal Varma also reacted to the news of Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao's divorce. For the uninitiated, as soon as Aamir and Kiran announced the news of their separation, some  netizens trolled the couple. RGV came out in their defence and slammed the trolls. He wrote, 'If #AamirKhan and #KiranRao have no problem with divorcing each other, why the F... should anyone else have it in the whole world? Trollers are trolling it in a stupidly personal way, whereas the couple are being personally professional!'

He added, 'Hey #AamirKhan and #KiranRao am sure u are doing whatever u are doing wishing well for each other and to have happier times in future for both ur own personal reasons which would be obviously known best only to u.. So F____ the Trollers.'

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