Ranveer Singh Claims His Culinary Skills Are Limited To Eggs During Live With Sunil Chhetri; Deepika Padukone BUSTS His ‘Lies’

During a live session with Sunil Chhetri, Ranveer Singh revealed about his culinary skills which he said are only limited to eggs, however, Deepika Padukone denied it and exposed his truth by commenting ‘lies’ – LOL

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Ranveer Singh Claims His Culinary Skills Are Limited To Eggs During Live With Sunil Chhetri; Deepika Padukone BUSTS His ‘Lies’
Undoubtedly, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are the cutest couple and that’s we got to see during his recent LIVE session with the captain of the Indian national football team, Sunil Chhetri. Well, he recently went live with Sunil and there they spoke at lengths about his relationship with Deepika, their marriage, as well as their courtship period. They even spoke about their love for the 90s and Ranveer’s ‘hero’ journey. But the one thing that grabbed everyone’s attention was when he spilt beans on his culinary skills.

He recalled the time when he used to make butter chicken in the US with people queueing up outside his door to get a taste. However, the Padmaavat actor revealed that it was readymade mix masala that used to do that magic which doesn’t count as cooking, so he said that he was left with anda-bread as he can only make eggs. But he also said that Deepika is better than her in this department as he said, “Deepika is actually very fond of cooking and she is way better than me, so I leave those kitchen duties to her. But I am a very enthusiastic assistant to her. Whenever she is baking or making me Thai food, especially during the lockdown when we have more time to do these little things, I am a very enthusiastic Santa’s little helper.”

However, when Ranveer said that he knows how to make eggs, Deepika quickly came into their live session and busted his truth by commenting, “Lies! You can’t even make eggs!” Hahaha! She also interrupted his live chat and challenged him to prove her wrong by making eggs right away and he accepted the challenge and told Sunil that he would cook breakfast the next day. Sunil also asked him that Deepika beats him at badminton, to which Ranveer admits that he is a three point champion and that she doesn’t let him win more than 3 points in the court.

In the video, he quickly calls Dippy and said, ‘Tu expose kar rahi hai mujhe, tu ruk.” He then revealed that Padukone embarrasses him on the court badminton court. Later, she even makes a comment saying, "Join your father in law's academy." LoL. ALSO READ:  Deepika Padukone Crashes Ranveer Singh’s Instagram Live With Sunil Chhetri To Say ‘I Love You Baby’ 

Image source: Instagram/ ranveersingh