Ranveer Singh’s Appeal To The Youth, ‘If In Any Way You Can Propagate An Inclusive Space By Working With The Deaf Community, Please Do!’

On International Day Of Sign Languages, Ranveer Singh appeals to the youth to create an inclusive space for the Deaf community.

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Ranveer Singh’s Appeal To The Youth, ‘If In Any Way You Can Propagate An Inclusive Space By Working With The Deaf Community, Please Do!’
Ranveer Singh has been constantly working towards raising the issues faced by the Deaf community. He has also been urging authorities to consider and declare Indian Sign Language (ISL) as the 23rd official language of India. The superstar has always raised his voice on social issues and he also, recently, signed a petition aimed at furthering awareness to this cause.

Ranveer’s independent record label IncInk, which he has formed with Navzar Eranee, has also released sign language music videos – the only record label to initiate this progressive step. Given Ranveer’s efforts towards making Indian Sign Language an official language, the deaf community in India has wholeheartedly appreciated him and also put out a heartfelt thank you video for him. On International Day of Sign Languages 2021, Ranveer appeals to the youth to create an inclusive space for the Deaf community.

Ranveer in a statement said, “If there is anything we all have come to value and embrace in the last year and a half is the power of community and being there for each other. My message to the youth today would be to keep doing the work you are... and if in any way you can create or propagate an inclusive space by working with the Deaf community, please do. From hospitality to education to creative arts. We can only make this change together and my trust and support lie with the youth of our country.”

Ranveer and his artist collective, IncInk, have been the flag bearers of this cause with consistent and robust plans to action change. The versatile actor shares his future plans to keep raising awareness for this cause. Ranveer added, “It's a long journey that lies ahead. At IncInk we all are committed to carry through as allies of our deaf community and get to the finish line with them. There are so many levels to this. The first is supporting the Deaf community in their petition to make ISL an officially recognised language and then as a society to be more inclusive by creating accessibility for the Deaf community on the ground level.”

He further added, “At IncInk, we create art and that is what we will continue to make accessible to the Deaf community. Our ISL videos for instance - Mohabbat, Sangeet, Black,Aur Karo and Vichaar that were released today to celebrate International Day of Sign Languages. We have ideas that are brewing, to expand our relationship with the Deaf community further in interactive ways, but it's still in the early stages. Today on International Day of Sign Languages, our IncInk YouTube Channel will be live all day (noon-midnight) playing our ISL music videos with special messages from the crew to celebrate and embrace each other - Join in!!”

Ranveer charts out the next milestones for Team IncInk towards the ISL community that will help in shifting the needle towards more inclusivity for them. He said, “IncInk's relationship with the Deaf community started in 2019 when we had an ISL interpreter perform live with our artist Spitfire on national TV at prime time (making it the first-ever televised ISL performance in India), post which we educated ourselves further and championed the community's cause in May last year and urged our audience by sharing the petition for ISL to be declared India's 23rd recognised language.”

“The first steps to this milestone have been taken by the Government some weeks back when ISL was made optional for students to learn in schools from Grade 9-12 but the day ISL will be the 23rd recognised Indian language under the Constitution of India, will be the milestone that will shift the needle. I have complete faith in the leaders of our nation and know that we are on our way to achieving this milestone. For the citizens, I urge you to sign the petition so this day can be soon celebrated,” concludes the star.

Image Sources: SpotboyE Archives, Instagram/ranveersingh