Salman Khan Doesn't Like Digital Platform: “Not Cool With Kids Watching Adult Content"

Salman Khan, in a recent interview with a leading daily has expressed his concern over the digital platform. He feels that there should be censorship on the web content, which is easily accessible to kids

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Salman Khan Doesn't Like Digital Platform: “Not Cool With Kids Watching Adult Content"
While all his contemporaries, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar are exploring the digital platform and are in the process of debuting in the web space, Salman Khan has many apprehensions in doing so. The Bharat actor has said that he doesn’t like the platform and the idea of there being no censorship on the web content.

Hindustan Times asked the superstar if like his contemporaries, he is enticed to appear on the digital platform and Salman replied, “No, I don’t like it. I mean, it’s a damn good space but I don’t like all that is being shown on the digital platforms. In films, if there are three-four extra punches, it gets censored and we get an A certificate. We get a U/A certificate only when we cut some scenes but on the web, they show anything and everything. There is no censorship. There should be an appointed body that takes that call. My problem is that young kids are also watching it because everyone has access to a phone. So, that’s not cool with me.”

During his conversation, Salman was also asked if he will ever pursuit direction, and he said, “Not now. But I will [direct] at some point. I started my career wanting to be a director so I think that I will do that at some point in the future. But I will make a very small film. Badi picture ka matlab yeh nahi hota ki production mein paisa kharch karo, it means bada plot hona chahiye, and content bada hona chahiye.”