Salman Khan Once Revealed His Father Salim Khan Stood Outside The Classroom And Took Punishment On His Behalf

Actor Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan once took the punishment for him, the reason will truly leave you inspired

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Salman Khan Once Revealed His Father Salim Khan Stood Outside The Classroom And Took Punishment On His Behalf
Salman Khan is often seen sharing some cute and adorable incidents of his life on the small screen. One such incident when it came to light, made us proud of his father Salim Khan to another level, as the ace screenplay writer had set some amazing parenting goals long long years ago. Salman Khan who was seen promoting one of his movies on a television chat show, revealed an incident when his father took punishment for him.

The actor was asked if the incident about his father taking punishment for him was true, to which Salman replied it is absolutely true. Salman revealed though he used to be often punished in school, once he was punished in fourth grade and told to stand below the flag pole for a reason not known to him. Narrating the incident further, he mentioned when his father saw him standing below the flag pole from his way back home from work, he happened to stop by Salman’s school and asked for his fault for being punished. This time the actor was unaware of the reason.

Followed by which, Salim Khan approached the school principal and enquired about the same, that’s when he was told of Salman being punished for not paying his school fees. To which Salim replied this is not his son’s fault and hence he shall take the punishment for it.

Salman Khan said, “One day, my father was returning from work, and he saw me standing outside class. He asked, ‘What did you do now?’ I said, ‘Nothing, daddy. I don’t know why the principal came and asked me to stand under the flagpole. I have been standing here all day.’ I was in the fourth grade at the time.” ALSO READ: World No Tobacco Day: Ranbir Kapoor, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan And Other Filmstars Who Once Loved Their Smoke, But Have Now Quit

He further adds, “My father said, ‘He is not supposed to pay the fees, I am. You are supposed to keep him in class. I am running short of money. I will pay the fees but right now, if you need to punish, you need to punish me.’ So he went and stood under the flagpole.” ALSO READ: Salman Khan Helps The Front Line Warriors This Time; Donates Hand Sanitizers To Mumbai Police To Beat COVID-19

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