Shah Rukh Khan Accused Of Helping Pakistan Gas Attack Victims. Fans Shield Superstar, Initiate #StopFakeNewsAgainstSRK

Another case of Internet going blind and spreading false news has come in the forefront. Shah Rukh Khan is the victim this time but his fans have come out strongly in support of the superstar and have made #StopFakeNewsAgainstSRK trend

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Shah Rukh Khan Accused Of Helping Pakistan Gas Attack Victims. Fans Shield Superstar, Initiate #StopFakeNewsAgainstSRK
Internet can be helpful but if used wrongly it can be quite destructive. Bollywood stars usually pay price for their stardom, and get victimised on the digital platform more than often. Shah Rukh Khan is the latest one to face this situation as false news about the superstar helping Pakistan Gas attack victims is being spread across the Internet. These trolls have been questioning SRK’s religion post the Pulwama terror attack and have rotated news that he has donated Rs 45 crore to victims of the gas attack in Pakistan. A video stating that has been going viral.

However, SRK’s fans have sprung into action and are defending King Khan at a faster speed than this false news can go around. They have initiated #StopFakeNewsAboutSRK on the digital platform and are tweeting in favour of him, refuting this news. A few Bollywood celebrities like filmmaker, Hansal Mehta and actor Rahul Dev have also spoken for Shah Rukh Khan.

While Hansal Mehta writes, “Just saw some fake news about @iamsrk. I have yet to meet a kinder and more compassionate star - someone who helps people in need without making a noise or using his good deeds for image building. I'm not permitted to say anything but I had to say this - #StopFakeNewsAgainstSRK”
Rahul Dev wrote, “He’s inspired people over the last three decades with his work & conduct .. A true global ambassador for India.. I mean r u serious?? Tarnishing @iamsrk ‘s image like this?? #StopFakeNewsAgainstSRK”

And here are some comments and tweets by SRK’s fans who have been constantly defending their superstar:

Well, looks like Shah Rukh Khan has no reason to worry- with fans like these, no one can, indeed, tarnish his image.

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