Shah Rukh Khan Completes 32 Years In Bollywood! From Dil Se To Hey Ram, Here Are 5 Underrated Film Of The Sensational Superstar You Shouldn't Miss!

Shah Rukh Khan known as Bollywood's King Khan is known for his blockbuster hits and today after he completed 32 years in the industry here

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Shah Rukh Khan Completes 32 Years In Bollywood! From Dil Se To Hey Ram, Here Are 5 Underrated Film Of The Sensational Superstar You Shouldn't Miss!
Shah Rukh Khan, often hailed as the King of Bollywood, has captivated audiences for over three decades with his iconic roles and blockbuster films. Since his debut in 1992, SRK has risen to global stardom, making a lasting impact on Indian cinema. However, amid his impressive and extensive filmography, there are several underrated films that highlight his extraordinary versatility as an actor. These films may not have achieved massive box office success, but they are a testament to SRK's remarkable talent and are certainly worth watching. As we celebrate Shah Rukh Khan's enduring legacy in Bollywood, let's explore five of his most underrated movies that deserve more recognition.



Hey Ram

Directed by Kamal Haasan, Hey Ram is a poignant drama where SRK plays a significant role alongside the legendary actor-director. The film follows the story of an 89-year-old archaeologist, Saket Ram, who looks back on his life during the tumultuous 1940s. After his wife is tragically killed in the Calcutta riots, Saket contemplates revenge but ultimately chooses a path of peace and non-violence, influenced by Mahatma Gandhi's teachings. This film beautifully showcases SRK's ability to convey deep emotional conflict and transformation.

Dil Se

In Mani Ratnam's romantic thriller Dil Se, SRK portrays Amar, a radio journalist who falls deeply in love with Meghna, played by Manisha Koirala. Unbeknownst to him, Meghna is involved with a terrorist group. With A.R. Rahman's mesmerizing music and Ratnam's expert direction, Dil Se has achieved cult status over the years. SRK's performance as a man torn between love and duty is both compelling and memorable.


In the historical epic Asoka, SRK takes on the role of the young Prince Asoka. The film chronicles his journey as he hones his battle skills amidst family conflicts. Urged by his mother to flee, he encounters and falls in love with Kaurwaki, portrayed by Kareena Kapoor. As Asoka's warrior prowess is revealed, a dangerous conspiracy unfolds, leading him to embrace Buddhism. SRK's portrayal of Asoka's transformation from a fierce warrior to a proponent of peace is powerful and nuanced.


Paheli is a unique film narrated through the lens of puppets. It tells the story of Lachchi, who marries Kishan only for him to leave on a business trip shortly after their wedding. A ghost takes on Kishan's form and wins the family's honour in a camel race. Years later, the real Kishan returns, creating a dilemma that unfolds in a thought-provoking manner. SRK's dual performance as both Kishan and the ghost showcases his ability to handle complex and layered characters.

Maya Memsaab

In Maya Memsaab, SRK plays the husband of Maya, a discontented married woman searching for fulfilment outside her marriage. When Maya dies under mysterious circumstances, the film delves into the complexities of desire, infidelity, and the enigma surrounding her death. This intriguing drama offers a gripping narrative, with SRK delivering a performance that explores the darker shades of human relationships and secrets.

These lesser-known films highlight Shah Rukh Khan's versatility and depth as an actor. They offer a glimpse into his ability to tackle a wide range of characters and genres, solidifying his status as a true luminary in the world of cinema. As fans and critics alike continue to celebrate SRK's illustrious career, these underrated gems deserve to be revisited and appreciated for the remarkable performances they feature.

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