Shocking! Sherlyn Chopra Reveals She Received An Obscene Film Offer From Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma - EXCLUSIVE

Sherlyn Chopra talks at length about Ram Gopal Varma’s shocking offer of doing an adult film and the dirty video he sent her, thereafter

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Shocking! Sherlyn Chopra Reveals She Received An Obscene Film Offer From Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma - EXCLUSIVE
Sherlyn Chopra never keeps calm. She is the one who doesn't barge from saying the truth. Now, she has turned a rapper and in her first ever single Kataar, she has given it back to the ones who troll her. We had an exclusive conversation with her and she made some really shocking revelations. She spoke about filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma and the obscene film offer she received from him. Read on...

We asked her about reports which stated that sometime back, she had approached filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma for work and in return, he sent her some dirty messages. We asked her to elaborate, and here’s what Sherlyn told us, “It was 2016. I remember having sent Ram Gopal Varma pictures on Whatsapp saying that, 'Hi Sir, this is Sherlyn Chopra. These are my pictures. This is my work profile. Can you let me know as to what currently you are working on? I would love to be a part of your projects because I truly enjoyed watching your cinema such as Rangeela, Satya, Company and immediately his reply came. He says, 'Here is my script, go through it and give me your feedback.' I read the script and there was no story in it. I said, “Sir, there is no story in this. There are only sex scenes. So, can you please let me know what’s the plot?” He said, “That is it! What I have sent you is everything”. Then I said, “Sir, how can this be? Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani. Raja ne kiya Rani ke saath sex, khatam hui kahaani. How can it be like this?” He replied, “If you're comfortable let me know, we can go ahead.”

Then I asked him where would he release it, to which he said “it would be released in the adult market”. I said, “How can that benefit me? He said, just like Sunny Leone has benefitted from her past which is the adult movie industry, likewise you will also get loads of mileage.” I said,” Sunny was never popular as an adult movie star. She became popular only after coming to Bollywood. So while she came into Bollywood, you want me to go out of Bollywood and get into that industry. Why?” Then he said, “This is what it is. If you don't like it, no problem” I said, “No sir, I cannot do it as I don't have any PhD in sex. I'm not a sex expert and all you are showing me in your script is just sex scenes. So, I don't think I'm fit for this role. If you're making a film like Rangeela 2, let me know. And he said okay, as and when I do those projects (like Rangeela), I will let you know.”

There is Cyber Crime to help us when anyone sends us some dirty content online. Why didn't Sherlyn approach the cops if and when RGV sent her such messages? “He didn't send me messages on the Internet, he sent me messages on my WhatsApp. He didn't force me to consider his film. He just said you read the script and give me your honest feedback and I gave him my honest feedback.”

Reportedly, RGV even sent her some videos, right? “Yes, RGV sent a video when I turned down his script. In the video, a dog l***s a woman's private part and I said to him, "Sir, yeh kya bheja aapne, kyun bheja? Kya seekhu main isse?” Then, he said, 'I just wanted you to know that sex is a very basic need. Both humans and animals need it, enjoy it and want it.” I said, “Sir, thank you for this gyaan. I don't need any more gyaan on sex, especially from you. I just feel that it’s up to us to protect our personal space, to draw boundary lines, and to guard them and maintain them.”

“And in 2018, I got to know that the film was released with an adult movie star as its leading lady. So, after this incident, I said to myself:  Why is it that I’m approaching filmmakers for work? Can I not be a content creator instead? Can I not produce projects that I wish to produce? Of course, I have a vision, I have sense for good music, I have aesthetic sensibilities, I have a sense of story-telling, I have a sense of how to narrate a story. So yeah, I can be a content creator. And that's how my journey of a content creator began. I feel so self-sufficient today and not dependent on anybody. Today, I'm involved in everything that I do as a hands-on producer.”

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We asked Sherlyn if she has Ramu's messages and video in question- but she replied in the negative, saying, "That was on the other number and phone which I was using earlier."

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