SHOCKING! Anupam Kher Files FIR After Thieves Rob His Mumbai Office; Steal Cash Upto Rs 4 Lakhs

Bollywood actor Anupam Kher responded to the burglary at his Mumbai office on Wednesday night, he shared a social media post to inform fans

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SHOCKING! Anupam Kher Files FIR After Thieves Rob His Mumbai Office; Steal Cash Upto Rs 4 Lakhs
Anupam Kher experienced an unsettling surprise on Wednesday night when he learned that his office had been robbed. He shared the news with his followers on Instagram through a video, revealing that the thieves had not only stolen cash but also items of significant sentimental value. Speaking about the incident, the 69-year-old actor explained, "The thieves had broken into my oldest office in Mumbai, where I had originally started my acting school, Actor Prepares. My accounts office is still located there. They managed to break through both the grilled and the main door, taking the entire office safe, which contained petty cash. This happened while I was busy shooting for my directorial project, Tanvi The Great."

Kher took immediate action by filing a First Information Report (FIR). He detailed the extent of the theft, stating, "The safe contained more than ₹4 lakh in cash, along with a bag that held the negatives of my production, Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Maara. This film, which won the National Film Award – Special Jury Award, holds great sentimental value to me." Due to the age of the building, the police had to rely on CCTV footage from an adjacent building. Fortunately, they managed to capture some images of the two suspects involved in the robbery. Kher expressed hope that the police would apprehend the culprits soon.

His primary concern, however, was the potential damage to the film negatives. "I am really hoping that they have not damaged the negatives of the film. This is what’s bothering me, baaki sab toh theek hai (everything else is fine)," he added. The theft of such irreplaceable items has added a layer of distress to the incident, overshadowing the loss of cash.

Anupam Kher's response to this incident reflects his deep connection to his work and the sentimental value he places on his past projects. His office, being the birthplace of his acting school and housing important memorabilia, is more than just a workplace—it's a repository of his professional journey. Despite the financial loss, it is the potential damage to these irreplaceable items that causes him the most concern. This incident highlights the vulnerability of valuable and sentimental items and underscores the importance of security measures, even in familiar and seemingly safe environments.

As the investigation continues, Kher's fans and the film community await the resolution of the case, hoping for the safe recovery of the stolen items, especially the precious film negatives. This incident serves as a reminder of the unforeseen challenges and the importance of resilience in the face of adversity.

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