Sonakshi Sinha-Zaheer Iqbal's Wedding Reception Date CONFIRMED By Shatrughan Sinha - Read To Know BELOW

Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal's wedding reception date is out and diva's dad Shatrughan Sinha confirms it

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Sonakshi Sinha-Zaheer Iqbal's Wedding Reception Date CONFIRMED By Shatrughan Sinha - Read To Know BELOW
Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal are set to solidify their relationship in a lifelong commitment. After months of fueling relationship rumours, the duo is finally tying the knot, with celebrations already underway. Contrary to some reports suggesting discord in the Sinha household and rumours of Shatrughan Sinha's disapproval, the proud father has confirmed the reception date for his daughter's wedding. ALSO READ: Sonakshi Sinha-Zaheer Iqbal Wedding: Shatrughan Sinha’s Home Ramayana Decorated With Lights Ahead Of Daughter’s Marriage – WATCH VIDEO 

In a recent conversation with Times Now, Shatrughan Sinha clarified that he and his wife, Poonam Sinha, are very much involved in their daughter's special day. He confirmed that the reception, not the wedding, will take place on June 23, 2024. He stated, “First of all, a lot has changed since I last spoke to you. In fact, there are developments by the hour. I can't tell you about all of the developments, as this is a family matter. I had asked Pahlaj Nihalani to speak to you. But I thought it best to clue you in directly. So quickly, yes, my wife and I are very much a part of the celebrations on June 23. It is not the wedding. It is the wedding reception that we are all attending on the evening of June 23.” ALSO READ: Sonakshi Sinha-Zaheer Iqbal Wedding: Shatrughan Sinha Poses With Soon-To-Be Son-In-Law As Festivities Kickstart In Mumbai - WATCH 

Shatrughan Sinha also addressed the misinformation spread by several media outlets, which have been wrongly announcing Sonakshi and Zaheer's wedding date. He emphasized that while pre-wedding conflicts are normal in any household, all issues have been resolved. He explained, “No one from my family said anything about a wedding. Some media outlets have just been presuming things. Too much attention is being given to something that is a private family matter. Shadiyan sab ke ghar hoti hai. Pre-wedding conflicts are also common. We are all okay now. Whatever the stress has been sorted.”

When asked if he was responsible for resolving the conflicts within the family ahead of Sonakshi's wedding, Shatrughan Sinha expressed his support for his daughter. He stated, “Koi wand nahi hai. Yeh sab hota hi hai har shaadi mein. Just because she is Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter, it doesn’t mean Sonakshi can't have what she wants in life. Hum log bohot mazza karenge June 23 ko.”

The excitement around the wedding reached a peak on June 13, 2024, when glimpses of Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal’s wedding invite leaked online. The invite features a QR code containing a recorded audio message from the couple. Styled like a magazine cover, the invitation showcases a candid picture of Sonakshi and Zaheer, capturing the essence of their relationship. As the big day approaches, Sonakshi and Zaheer's wedding promises to be a grand affair filled with joy and celebration, bringing their families and friends together to mark the beginning of their new journey.

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