Sonam Kapoor Called ‘Biased’ And ‘Hypocrite’ For Her Reaction On #MeToo Allegations Against Raju Hirani

She’s a hypocrite, she is biased, she has double standards, said trolls over Sonam Kapoor’s response on #MeToo accusations against Raju Hirani

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Sonam Kapoor Called ‘Biased’ And ‘Hypocrite’ For Her Reaction On #MeToo Allegations Against Raju Hirani
Looks like Sonam Kapoor’s reaction on Rajkumar Hirani’s #MeToo allegations didn’t go well with Netizens as they have already started calling out her names like “biased”, “hypocrite”, “double standard” and so on. A while back, we brought you Sonam’s statement on accusations placed against Rajkumar Hirani. Sonam said, “I know Raju Hirani very well. I have known him for many years and I have huge respect for him as a filmmaker and as a man. I think we all should reserve judgment and be very responsible before we say anything more on this subject. Because we don’t need to derail this movement.”

Netizens weren’t impressed with her response and considered it to be too safe. A user wrote, “If this accusation were made on someone else she would hv come all gun blazing with her faminist shit. But bcz she wants some movies n bcz of her latest movie she can't go against him. Double standard n hypocrisy of other level.”

Here’s one more that stated, “Sonam Kapoor saying she believes all women, just not when they're accusing the producer of her new film, and especially not when the film is as important as the movement, and anyway, the woman's probably lying.”

Another one wrote, “Well..There....& those words - any inclination I may've had to watch this film has effectively and officially ended, reading those words.  🏻 Thanks but no thanks Ms Kapoor. @sonamakapoor @hiyer @fayedsouza”

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