Sonam Kapoor-Dulquer Salmaan Wrongly Accused By Cops For A Road Video, Eventually She Defends Them

Mumbai Police ends up wrongly policing Sonam Kapoor-Dulquer Salmaan for a road video; later she defends them saying that they were just doing their job

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Sonam Kapoor-Dulquer Salmaan Wrongly Accused By Cops For A Road Video, Eventually She Defends Them
Social media has its pros and cons and especially when you’re a celeb, everything that you say or do on any of the social media platforms can either set a good example or a bad one.

Often, our celebs in the excitement of promoting their movie, end up doing something that upsets the Twitterati or the cops. This time, something similar happened in the case of Sonam Kapoor and Dulquer Salmaan who will be seen together in Zoya Factor. But, it wasn’t exactly their fault.

They shared a video of Dulquer sitting at the steering wheel and listening to some music and Sonam calling him a ‘weirdo’. On the video, Mumbai Police tweeted, “We agree with you @sonamakapoor ! Quite a ‘weirdo’ to try such stunts while driving and putting the lives of fellow drivers at risk too! We don’t quite approve of these even in ‘reel’ life. #NotDone”

To this, Sonam quickly corrected them and replied, “We weren’t driving we were rigged on a truck.. but I’m glad you guys are concerned.. I hope and I know you show the same interest in regular folk as well! Thanks for taking care! #Reelvsreal @dulQuer”

Infact, Dulquer too quickly explained that the car was rigged to a low loader truck. He tweeted, “@MumbaiPolice The car was rigged to a low loader truck which was also the camera rig. I couldn't steer or drive the car even if I wanted to. Also this particular car cannot steer itself.”

He further tweeted, “”Would appreciate it if you had checked some facts before tweeting this. In fact @MumbaiPolice helped us with permissions and traffic management during the shoot and were present the whole time. In my next tweet attaching the video I was shooting. #notawierdo”

Mumbai Police didn’t stay back from replying and tweeted, “We appreciate that you weren’t indulging in any irresponsible violation. A good example for all your fans @dulQuer”

They further tweeted, “For us, No Mumbaikar is ‘regular’ they are all ‘special’! And we are equally concerned about them all. Glad to know your safety wasn’t ‘rigged’. @sonamakapoor”

After all of this, people started pointing out towards the blunder from the cops’ side. Sonam, being her gracious self, tweeted in their defense, “Guys the @MumbaiPolice were just doing their job. Can we please not pull them up for it. We should be thankful for that.. ❤️❤️❤️”

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