Sushant Singh Rajput Death: Producer Sandip Ssingh HITS Out At Rhea Chakraborty For Saying She Wasn’t Invited To SSR’s Funeral; ‘Was It A Birthday Party Or Film Success Party?’

Sandip Ssingh has hit back at Rhea Chakraborty and said why she was waiting for an invite for Sushant Singh Rajput’s funeral. ‘It wasn’t a ‘birthday party, or film success party’

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Sushant Singh Rajput Death: Producer Sandip Ssingh HITS Out At Rhea Chakraborty For Saying She Wasn’t Invited To SSR’s Funeral; ‘Was It A Birthday Party Or Film Success Party?’
Soon after the news of Sushant Singh Rajput’s alleged suicide broke, Bollywood producer Sandip Ssingh was one of the early birds to arrive at actor’s residence. The producer was seen taking part in the preliminary procedures. During her first interview with India Today, Rhea Chakraborty claimed that she never heard of Sandip Ssingh. Rhea had then asked, “If he is such a good friend, where was he from the last one-and-a-half years? Now, during her latest chat, Sandip Ssingh has hit back at Rhea and said if she really wanted to be present at SSR’s funeral then why was she waiting for her invite. He further said it wasn’t a birthday party, or film success party. 

Sandip Ssingh told Pinkvilla, “People who are saying I was not invited for the funeral of Sushant Singh Rajput, they should really check their mind. It was not a birthday party or some mahurat or some or a film success party. It was a funeral. If you are Sushant's friend, you were waiting for the invitation to come to you to come to the funeral? Have we lost our mind? Are we educated or we are not educated? Somebody invited me to Sushant's house when I heard the news or I went on my own on a human ground?”

He further added, “Those people, after not even coming for the funeral are saying, 'I was not invited. My name was not on the list.' Yeh kya kissi bahut bade politician ya businessman ki shaadi ka list hai jo aapka guest list gate mein denge aur aapko tick kiya jaayega? Do you have to get ready? I can understand the emotion that you wanted to come but you can't think, 'Oh! My name was not there. Oh My God! I was not invited.' How can you even think that." 

He further took names of celebs who were snapped outside the crematorium ground in the heavy downpour. He said those who wanted to come, came, “There was Ekta Kapoor who was standing outside the gate in the rain. Abhishek Kapoor, who made Kedarnath with him and launched him in Kai Po Che, I didn't even see him. Somebody told me his name was not there in the list but he came and he stood in the rain. Shraddha Kapoor, his co-star who came and stood like a common person outside the gate. People who had to come, they came. They paid their last visit to Sushant and went away without showing off.”

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The producer further asked if anyone had invited her to Cooper Hospital? If she could go to the hospital then, “Why did she wait for the funeral? If she wanted, she could have come. Nobody had put in the gate outside saying, 'Rhea and other people not involved.' People who are saying I was not invited, it is their mindset, it is their overthinking. If you are especially asking me about Rhea, she went to the hospital, nobody invited her. If she would have wanted, if she had the courage and confidence, she could have come for the funeral. The family was not standing in a line there and saying, 'If Rhea comes we will not allow.' They didn't utter a word. They did not issue a statement. They did not tell the police, 'If Rhea comes in, or anybody comes in, we don't allow them.'” (ALSO READ: Sushant Singh Rajput Death: Rhea Chakraborty Asks Who Sandip Ssingh, Which ‘Hard Drives’?)

He concluded, “They didn't because they also have emotions. They understand the sentiments. You are saying that I didn't allow, who am I? Am I bigger than Ekta Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Abhishek Kapoor in the industry? No, I am a small-time producer. I will not allow people to come in? I wanted people to come. Sabke andhar emotions hota hai.” 

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