Sussanne Khan's Sister Farah's Domestic Help Tests Positive; Says Doc Was Convinced He Didn't Have Coronavirus, 'Tested Him For Malaria And Dengue'

Jewellery designer Farah Khan Ali’s quickly announced to her family and residents of her building about her domestic help testing positive of Coronavirus. Following which she took safety measures, she also mentioned how doctors were convinced he didn't have Coronavirus and tested him for malaria and dengue, instead

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Sussanne Khan's Sister Farah's Domestic Help Tests Positive; Says Doc Was Convinced He Didn't Have Coronavirus, 'Tested Him For Malaria And Dengue'
Sussanne Khan’s sister Farah Khan Ali taking to her official Twitter account shared of her in-house staff being test positive of Coronavirus. Followed by which she also made sure her family members undergo a COVID-19 test just to be safe. The jewellery designer keep rest of her building members informed about it and implemented of practicing self isolation at home for safety measures. She also revealed of her staff showed no signs of COVID-19 and was tested by the doctor for Malaria and Dengue.

While narrating about her staff’s health, she revealed about him informing them of having slight fever few days, post which he made a doctor’s visit and informed of being tested of Malaria and Dengue, but Farah also got him tested just to be sure. She was quoted saying by TOI, “He was staying with us since the lockdown began and would step out only to go to the market. A few days ago, he told me that he had a slight fever and headache. He went to a doctor, who told him that he does not have any COVID -19 symptoms and tested him for malaria and dengue. However, I got him tested again.”

She further added, “I kept giving him vitamin C and Zinc supplements, hot water, honey, haldi and also ensured that he was doing steam inhalation at regular intervals. Though he recovered from the initial fever in three-four days, he tested positive for COVID-19. We immediately had him shifted to a quarantine facility in Kandivali.”

Currently in Kandivali, Farah’s staff is not put under any medication and doctors are observing as he did not show any symptoms of of COVID-19. “He didn’t really show the symptoms of coronavirus. Despite the fact that he did not come in contact with anyone in the house and was wearing a mask at all times, we have got everyone at home tested,” said Farah. ALSO READ: Sussanne Khan’s Sister Farah Khan Ali Gets Everyone At Home Tested For COVID-19 After In-House Staff Member Tests Positive

She concluded saying, “He told me that he was okay. In fact, they haven’t given him any medication, and are keeping him under observation because he has no symptoms. They will repeat the test and if it turns out negative, they will send him back. I just want to say that this can happen to anyone. When a house staff member tests positive, people behave shockingly. At such times, we have to be kind. Also, it’s important to behave responsibly. I informed everyone in the building and also put it out on Twitter. One should not hide such things. You can prevent the spread of infection if you warn others in time.”

Image Source: Instagram/farahkhanali