The Real Reason Why Kartik Aaryan’s Film Has Undergone A Title Change

Kartik Aaryan-starrer Satyanarayan Ki Katha to be renamed for this reason

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The Real Reason Why Kartik Aaryan’s Film Has Undergone A Title Change
Currently the Mumbai film industry seems to be under a lot of pressure from radical elements. We hear characters in Hindi cinema will not be named after deities and titles with even a hint of religion or mythology are to be avoided.

 The latest casualty of this blanket ban is Sameer Vidwans’s forthcoming project Satyanarayan Ki Katha which sources say was a sweet innocent love story about a hero named Satyanarayan to be played by Kartik Aaryan.

“It had nothing to with the pauranic (mythological) Satyanarayan. Yet producer Sajid Nadiadwala and director Sameer Vidwans started receiving threats from radical outfits. Producer Nadiadwala did not want to take any risks. He decided to change the title,” says a source.

The new title will be announced in a week’s time.

Sameer moves to his pan-India project with a surge of emotions. “I am nervous and anxious. I am also curious to know where the journey will take me. I have been working on the script of Satyanarayan Ki Katha with my writer Karan Sharma for almost two years. When I narrated the script to Kartik Aaryan he was most excited. Then I narrated it Sajid Nadidawala. He too loved it. It’s very encouraging to see such huge commercial names being so passionate about a different kind of love story.”

 Sameer said Satyanarayan Ki Katha is a love story with a very tender innocent heart. “Just like Anandi Gopal which has been universally liked. I am surprised that even today more than two years after it release I meet people who are seeing Anandi Gopal on Zee5 and getting deeply moved by it.”

Image Source: Instagram/kartikaaryan, spotboye archives