Tillotama Shome Has A Befitting Reply To A Troll Calling Her 'A Flop Actress Who Looks Like A Maid’

Tillotama Shome and her friend Pooja Bhatt slammed a Twitter user who called the former a flop actress and said that she looks like a maid

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Tillotama Shome Has A Befitting Reply To A Troll Calling Her 'A Flop Actress Who Looks Like A Maid’

At times social media can be very disturbing and off lately many celebrities have been facing unnecessary criticism. Actress Tillotama Shome, was the recent victim of such a troll and shared just a glimpse of the dark side of social media. She was called a flop actress by a Twitter user who also went on to say that she looks like a maid. The actress has now responded to the hate comment with the most befitting reply.


Tillotama Shome's first film role was that of a house help named Alice - she made her acting debut with Mira Nair's 2001 movie Monsoon Wedding. Tillotama Shome was also cast as a house help in the critically acclaimed 2018 movie Sir.

Addressing the troll's comment on Twitter, Tillotama wrote, "A hater on social media called me a "flop actress who looks likes a maid". Now how is that even mildly insulting, given my situation!? Face with tears of joy #dignityoflabour."

Meanwhile, her friend and actress-filmmaker Pooja Bhatt rushed to help her friend and said that the haters are akin to dark matter. Responding to the troll with the most savage reply she said, "You are a star in the real sense..one whose light will illuminate the world through the work that you have done & the lives you have touched long after you have gone. Haters are akin to ‘dark matter’. They provide the gas & ensure the ones that provide light,remain bound."

In 2020, Tillotama received a strange marriage proposal on social media. She took to Instagram, where she shared a snapshot of a message she received. "I love you. Will you marry me for my whole life forever? I am virgin and vegetarian guy who is always ready for a RNA 16s sequence male virginity test, lie detector test, narco test, brain mapping test," read the message.

"Yeh kaisa shakahari mazaak hai bhai (What sort of a vegetarian joke is this)? No thanks. Bye bye Tata bata alvid," she wrote as a caption along with the snapshot she shared.

Image Source: Instagram/tillotamashome