WHAT! Sonakshi Sinha Sparks Pregnancy Rumours After Her Recent Visit To Hospital; Know The Truth Behind It

Sonakshi Sinha and hubby Zaheer Iqbal were spotted at a hospital recently and netizens speculated that the actress is pregnant, know the truth behind it

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WHAT! Sonakshi Sinha Sparks Pregnancy Rumours After Her Recent Visit To Hospital; Know The Truth Behind It
Newlyweds Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal were recently seen outside Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai, sparking speculation among netizens about a possible pregnancy. This curiosity arose after several actresses, including Alia Bhatt and Swara Bhasker, announced their pregnancies soon after their weddings. Captured by photographers in their car, Sonakshi and Zaheer chose not to engage with the paparazzi, fueling more curiosity. One user commented, "Pregnant hai kya," while another expressed excitement, saying, "I already want to see Sonakshi's pregnant avatar... Sonaaaaaaahhhhhh." ALSO READ: Luv Sinha SLAMS Online Campaign Against Him For Not Attending Sis Sonakshi Sinha's Wedding With Zaheer Iqbal, Says 'Family Will Always Come First' 


Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal

Sonakshi and Zaheer got married on June 23, a day the actress describes as the 'best decision' of her life. Their wedding pictures and videos have gone viral, with fans admiring their chemistry and dubbing them a perfect match made in heaven. Despite the joyful occasion, the couple faced criticism due to their interfaith marriage but chose to distance themselves from the negativity. The two had been in a relationship for seven years before getting married, and there were rumours of them living together for a year prior to their wedding. However, Sonakshi firmly denied these claims, stating that she had been living with her parents at their house, Ramayana. ALSO READ: WHAT! Sonakshi Sinha's Wedding With Zaheer Iqbal Is 'Love Jihad', Claims A Political Outfit: Won't Let Her Enter Bihar 

There is no truth to these rumours and the fact is the duo went to visit Shatrughan Sinha who recently underwent a minor surgery. Amid the speculation and criticism, Sonakshi's father defended his daughter and her marriage. Addressing the rumors that the Sinha family was unhappy with the interfaith marriage, Shatrughan Sinha emphatically shut down the trollers with his iconic phrase, 'Khamosh,' showing his support for Sonakshi and Zaheer's union.

The couple’s wedding has been a major talking point, with their fans and the media closely following every update. The buzz around their visit to the hospital has added another layer to the public’s interest in their post-wedding life. Despite the scrutiny, Sonakshi and Zaheer appear to be focusing on their new life together, with Sonakshi expressing her happiness and contentment with her decision to marry Zaheer.

Their wedding, which saw numerous celebrities in attendance, continues to be celebrated by fans. The couple’s ability to stay above the negativity and focus on their happiness has been admired by many. As they navigate this new chapter in their lives, the support from their family, especially from Sonakshi’s father, has been a significant source of strength for them.

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