Whats Keeping Sridevi And Jhanvi Away From Boney And Khushi?

Here's the latest update from the world of Bollywood. We bet you wouldn't want to miss this. Read on for details... "A cruel twist of fate"

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Whats Keeping Sridevi And Jhanvi Away From Boney And Khushi?

A cruel twist of fate

Okay, we’ve got an interesting piece of news from an unusual quarter Sridevi and her daughter Jhanvi.

Before you even mention it, heres the disclaimer no, its not about Jhanvi making her Bollywood debut.
Films are nowhere on her mind right now. What is, then? Computers.
The 17-year-old wants to pursue a course in computer science. So earlier this month, she told her parents about it who were more than happy with the decision. Boney Kapoor even told her that she should find the best institute for the course and hed send her there.
The girl enthusiastically applied to a program in a US university. Like one big, happy family, they were all ready to go with Jhanvi to see her off.
Lucky for them, Boney had an urgent business meeting in the US a week before their departure. Perfect timing, Sridevi and Boney thought.
The producer happily dashed off to the States with their younger daughter Khushi, knowing that Sridevi and Jhanvi would follow the week later.
And here comes the quirky twist of fate.
Just when Sridevi and Jhanvi were to get their travel documents in place, the computer crash ensued in the States. Yes, the same one because of which the State Department program has been unable to issue visas and passports to travellers from mid-June.
Needless to say, Sridevi and Jhanvi are sitting back at home. Some way to have your plans ruined!
On one hand, Jhanvi is stomping her feet (in her high-heeled stilettos, of course), knowing that her admission to the program is inordinately delayed. Then, theres 13-year-old Khushi who is pestering her father about her mommy and sisters whereabouts.
Several long distance calls are happening everyday. Each party is offering their sob story to the other. And they are missing each other right like a melodramatic family out of the 70s movies. But right now, there seems to be no respite for them.
Is this family the worst hit by the State Departments computer crash? They definitely think so.   

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