When Aamir Khan Spat On Madhuri Dixit And Made Her Run Behind Him In Anger

Here's a fun blast from the past. During the shooting of the movie Dil, Aamir Khan played a prank on co-star Madhuri Dixit that left her fuming with anger

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When Aamir Khan Spat On Madhuri Dixit And Made Her Run Behind Him In Anger
While we have heard of stars like Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn pulling pranks on their co-stars, Aamir Khan too is no less when it comes to having some fun on the sets of his film. He is quite a prankster and has many funny stories from the past to tell. One such story is that of him playing a prank on Madhuri Dixit. However, this prank didn't go pretty well though with the lady who got all angry at him. It was while shooting for their film Dil, Aamir Khan made Madhuri Dixit furious.

Reportedly, it so happened that someone told Madhuri Dixit that Aamir Khan knows how to read palms. With an intention to get to know her future with the knowledge that Aamir possesses, she went upto him and asked him to read her palm. But instead of telling her what lies in the future for her, he spat on her palm and ran away. This got Madhuri Dixit angry and the actress ran behind him to teach him a lesson. LOL.

This is not the first time that we are hearing about Aamir playing a prank on his co-stars. A very famous episode of Aamir and his pranks involves Juhi Chawla. On the sets of their film Ishq, the Dangal actor played a prank on the lady that almost made her cry. It went to a level that the shooting of a film got stalled for a day as Juhi Chawla refused to go on the sets because of this prankster behaviour of Aamir Khan. (Also Read: Coronavirus Lockdown: Did Aamir Khan Really Hide Money In Atta Packets Distributed To The Needy?)

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