Wounds Of Rumoured Break-Up With Vicky Kaushal Still Fresh And Hurting, Harleen Sethi Wants The Media To Leave Her Alone

We dwell further into the Vicky Kaushal-Harleen Sethi rumoured SPLIT and see what we got! The picture is not rosy at all, at least for now

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Wounds Of Rumoured Break-Up With Vicky Kaushal Still Fresh And Hurting, Harleen Sethi Wants The Media To Leave Her Alone
Guess, it's all over and it ended on an ugly note. We hope our conjecture is wrong and it's just a lovers' tiff- but the long and short of this is that all is not well at both ends. Vicky is in no mood to attend calls or respond to text messages and ditto for his dad Shyam Kaushal who also must be a tad rattled at least. And, Harleen wants to entertain any other talk except her current status of her relationship with Vicky.

We called her on Sunday evening and she told us, "I really don't want to talk about this", clearly suggesting that she was very uncomfortable when cornered to talk about her split, if it had indeed happened. However she added that she was driving and would call us back. The call did not come and we chose to give her more time. We then called her yesterday evening- and guess what- Madam Sethi said that she was again driving. We asked, "Still driving?". She said, "I will call you back". We knew for sure now- not that we didn't on Sunday- that she was dodging us. So, we asked her if she wanted to speak off record. Harleen was still reluctant, but what needs to be noted here on our two-day exercise is that not once did she say that Vicky and she have NOT broken up. So basically, she did not confirm but did not deny either.

Speculation about Vicky and Harleen's love story having hit a rough patch started doing the rounds few days back when VIcky started unfollowing her on Insta. This implied that he didn't want to see her pictures on Insta. This, if true, is indeed saddening. If you love a person, how you can you be instantly so cruel as to chuck him/her out from your life so quickly, err, at the press of a button. Anyway, Vicky did. Maybe he had very strong reasons but wish he talks about it. We listen to him patiently when he advocates his movies, he should not forget that millions of his fans (and they snowballed largely after Uri, though I loved him in Raazi the most) want to know what's happening between Harleen and him presently, or is there nothing hapopening at all and this split is for the keeps.

Anyway, we just hope that Vicky and Harleen reunite together. Wasn't it only very recently that the two had gone a little public about their relationship? Just a quick question: Did they hit the road a bit too early?

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