This female singer who is known for her soulful and melodious voice shares a great rapport with a superstar and even considered him like her elder brother.

This superstar has given the singer one of the biggest breaks in Bollywood and even guides her in her career. The renowned actor even assigned his makeup man to the singer.

So far so good but the twist in the tale happened at a recent event where the singer and the actor were supposed to perform together. The singer faced an embarrassing incident which she will remember all her life.

A couple of hours before the concert, the actor and the singer were getting ready for their stage performance. The singer dressed up for the occasion and waited in the green room for her makeup to start. The makeup man arrived and started his job. Suddenly the singer said that she did not like the lip colour and the blush he used and insisted that she will do her makeup on her own.The poor makeup man couldn’t say a word and adhered to her. The singer put on too much foundation and a dark lipstick which made her look horrible and patchy.

A few minutes later, the superstar stepped in to check her look and he was horrified with what he saw. Initially he thought it was the makeup man who did a bad job, but the makeup man made it clear that it was the singer who asked him to stay away.

This annoyed the actor and he reprimanded the singer saying, “Jiska jo kaam hai usko apna kaam karne do.  Your job is singing so better focus on that and not on your makeup.”

The singer was shocked and taken aback by the superstar’s blunt comment. She almost broke into tears and finally she allowed the makeup man to redo her makeup.

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