Actor Cheats On Girlfriend With Hotshot TV Host

Sex hormones continue to rule the roost in Bollywood and to your partner is in diaries of only a few. Here is another classic case in point, where this actor who thinks he is God's gift to Bollywood hooked up with a TV host who still hasn't lost her charm

She has been making waves in her career as a TV host and has discovered a new career altogether. But recently, she discovered a new boyfriend, err, someone who is open to flings behind his girlfriend's back.

Remember the arrogant actor we told you about who was cheating on his loyal girlfriend left, right and centre?So he apparently charmed this lady, who actually has resurrected her standing in the industry thanks to getting friendly with many top filmmakers and stars.

The lady was game and off they went, for some quality time.

It was over soon, but when will the poor girlfriend in question wake up to the infidelity?