Actor Fires Manager After Her Steamy Sessions With Boyfriend Disrupt Work

They say – never mix business with pleasure, and this tale is the perfect example of the what the consequences could be. This actor’s manager lost her job after he had had enough of her “quality time” with boyfriend

Stars and their managers have a close association. After all, it is them who run the celebs’ schedules smoothly. However, this actor recently severed ties with his manager. How is that? Well, the manager’s personal life was hindering her output at work.

Last month, the manager’s carelessness led to a mishap on the set of this actor’s film and days later he suffered yet again owing to her “quality time” with boyfriend on-set.  The actor, red with fury, decided to call his father on-set to sort the matter. Before you ask us why the dad was involved, let us tell you that he is closely looking after this celebrity’s team.

The father landed on the set and gave the manager a piece of his mind. The manager asked for a last chance but, from the looks of it, the father-son duo had had enough. They asked her to leave immediately and onlookers witnessed a crying manager leave the premises.