Actress at her wits’ end trying to save her flailing career

This good-looking girl, who recently lost out on a big film, is extremely worried that her competitors have raced far ahead

Oh, the unpredictable nature of Bollywood! A rising star today, you may be lost in the horizon tomorrow.
Who knows it better than this actress, who came into B-town with a bang, but hasn’t been able to sustain her ride to success? She may post pictures of the numerous trips that she is enjoying off-duty and show that all’s well in her world, but don’t you get fooled by that.
We hear, she is depressed that her career has been heading south in the last two years.
A woman-centric movie that she is currently working on and had pinned her hopes on, is not shaping up as she wanted.
To add to her woes, another gritty film that she had given her nod to has now landed in her contemporary’s lap. Not to mention, other film offers too have dried up.
Close friends of the good-looking girl say that she is feeling dejected that her contemporaries have raced ahead and is completely lost as to how to salvage the situation.