Despite SEX SCANDAL, This Director Continues To EXPLOIT Women

He and his (in)famous ways grabbed a number of eyeballs last year. However, a little birdie tells us that this filmmaker refuses to change his ways and continues to take advantage of women

This director became the talk of the town when a sex scandal involving him was busted last year. Since then he has been lying low and is apparently ‘concentrating’ on his upcoming venture.

However, a little birdie tells us that despite his image taking a severe beating with the sex scandal, he has not changed his ways.

He continues to exploit women under the pretext of auditions and has been painting the town red.

The filmmaker is seen with a new arm candy every other day.

Talk of casting couch! What a shame!

A few industrywallahs are in the know about this filmmaker’s ways, but then, what can they do?

Some people never change their colours. Isn’t it?