This failed actor, on both professional and personal fronts, decided to have a merry time at a party. And by merry, you know what we mean.

To begin with, he almost pulled down a producer's wife's clothes. The lady in question didn't know where to hide. We wonder why she didn't scream.

Anyway, that was a short chapter in the night of flashbulbs, which soon tracked down the same guy having moved on to a long-legged actress sitting on a chair quietly in one corner.

And this was going to be one big, helluva chapter.

Some wine had spilled on this lass's dress which she was cleaning up, when the actor strode up to her.

Before she could blink, he had literally dragged her to a sofa nearby and said: "Listen, I have been watching you."

Imagine the lady's shock when the actor (who hasn't showed his acting abilities in a single scene yet) also told her, "I have been watching you for no less than a year!"

She didn't know where to look, but the actor's next statement compelled her to seek help, which thankfully was just round the corner. The actor was suddenly looking into her eyes and saying: "Let's get together, baby!”

Two friends of this leggy lass (and that's the only clue we're gonna give you about her) were just round the corner--- and they whisked her away in the nick of time.

The actress has still not recovered from the 'importance' given to her by this flop actor.

The party went on till the wee hours. No prizes for guessing that the loser was in high spirits and the lass has vowed to never go within striking distance of him again.

Are you within striking distance to guess who these two party animals are?

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