Harrowed By Show’s Hero, This TV Actress Requests Female Co-Star To Share Hotel Room With Her

The leads of this popular show had a huge fan following and shared impeccable chemistry on-screen, but this incident is proof that things were far from rosy off camera

A year after the #MeToo movement shook Hollywood, it has now found ground in India and women in various professions are coming out to name and shame their offenders. Now, here’s a tale of harassment that dates back to the early 2000s.

The actors of this hugely popular show were shooting for a track abroad. All was hunky dory until the day ended and the stars retired for the night. The show’s hero had taken a fancy to the lead actress and wanted to pursue her, but the course he took was outright appalling.

We hear, soon after the heroine went to the hotel room, the actor would follow her and would bang the door non-stop to let him in. Initially, the actress didn’t understand what this actor’s intentions were and would somehow manage to get rid of him but eventually, it became a practice. Out of fear, the actress stopped opening the door. Things got so heated that she requested the production that a female co-star shares the room with her, post which, the actor mended his ways. Gosh!