Husband's Foreign Sojourn, Exotic Hotel, Wife's Surprise Visit And Packet Of Condoms

You know how it is in our glitterati world. Temptations galore. Loyalty dwindling. And it all happened one day, also between this couple whom we thought were made for only each other

This celebrity couple who have always been on the moon professing love for each other, have fallen on the ground with a thud.

The husband was pretty zoned out since few days (tsk! tsk!) and the wife was blowing her lungs out.

And then, the bomb dropped (on her).

You see, he flew abroad for one of those so-called business trips abroad and bechari 'pyar mein pagal' patni decided to surprise him by landing up at his hotel after 2 days.

And what did she see? Condoms on the floor and the husband going as white as ash.

The lady picked up her unpacked bags and took the next flight home.

The rest, as they say, is 'on the rocks'.