This actress has skipped a decade. Yes, dear readers, this 38-year-old woman has fooled the world into thinking that she is 28.

She got a late start in Bollywood, first coming to prominence with smaller roles in big budget films. A few indie flicks and a couple of masala films later, she is now a well-established face even though she is still not a big-ticket draw.

What she lacks in lead roles, she makes up with her beautiful visage and fashionista credentials.

2017 promises to be a good year for her with a few buzzworthy projects but what has impressed us truly is the illusion of youth that she has maintained.

She does not seem to have succumbed to the lure of botox but we are sure that a rather extensive regime is in place to keep her alabaster skin smooth.

If you think love may be the secret behind her glow, you will be wrong. She was happily married but fame quickly ruined that union. She separated from her husband and was then linked to a married actor.

Our advice to her is, why hide your age when you look this good? The facade will crumble one day anyway.

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