Money Matters: This TV Actress’ Ex-Husband Patched Up With Her, Fearing Huge Alimony

This TV star and her ex-husband had an ugly divorce, a few years after their marriage. However, the actress’ demand of a huge alimony had the latter knocking on her doors for reconciliation...

This actress is a well-known face of the telly world. A couple of years ago, she split with her second husband only to reunite with him months later. Needless to say, the lady was over the moon after she got back with the man of her dreams.

But, little did you know that there is more to this reconciliation than meets the eye. We hear that the gentleman in question was cheating on this actress. When she got a whiff of her husband’s philandering ways, she decided to file for divorce.

However, the actress demanded a huge amount as alimony. This shook the husband up as he knew it would be impossible for him to shell out the sum and be able to maintain his lifestyle. Thus, after a few months of staying apart, he begged the TV star to reconcile.

The actress must have had her reasons to give their relationship another chance and finally, the two got back.

We hope they are going strong.