Murdered Cinema Owner's Son Is This Divorced Actress' Sugar Daddy!

It's all happening out there in Bollywood and the latest scandal that everyone is talking about in whispers is that of a divorced actress succumbing to a (late) exhibitor's rich laadla

Sugar daddies are common in Bollywood, and we have a new one. His father was slain a few years ago, and today this man runs a roaring liquor business in the heartland of India.

But why was he all the time- day and sometimes even night- on the sets of a film which is in the making? The lead actress of the film has bowled him over.

So, this loaded man is showering her with the most expensive gifts- and the middle-aged beauty is lapping it up. So much so that she has cut off many of her old contacts.

Of course, it's win-win situation for both. And Bollywood is all about symbiosis na?