If you are a Bollywood aspirant who does not have a godfather in the industry, then celebrity managers tend to be powerful figures.  And here is a man who is taking full advantage of his position.

This celebrity manager is handling the career of a newbie, who is all set to make her first splash in Bollywood  opposite an action star.

He is known for getting up close and personal with his clients and he has tried his luck with other women too. And this debutante seems to have fallen hook, line and sinker for his promises to turn her into a star.

It started as a steamy affair but love seems to have taken over lust and now the two are going steady.

They have made no attempts to keep their relationship under wraps and it is known in the industry that the actress, who has not made her Hindi film debut yet, has a boyfriend.

The celebrity manager in question is known to be a braggart and goes around telling everyone that his list of contacts includes international movers and shakers.

But the list of newbies in his company who have been left disgruntled is very long. That’s a story for another day. 

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