This Actor Beat Up His Domestic Help Black And Blue

The slightest thing would set off this rich and powerful man who took out all his anger on the hapless servant

Gosh! How cruel! But you know life is like that! So yeah, an actor was hitting his servant at the slightest pretext. We have the details of what was happening behind the four walls of this rich and powerful celebrity

So this domestic help has run for his life after his employer beat him up mercilessly every time he was dissatisfied with his work.

The violent outbursts became so frequent that the bechara employee couldn't take it anymore and scampered home vowing never to return. So much so that he has decided not to be a domestic help ever again. As you read this, he is trying out various odd jobs and we pray that he makes his two ends meet ASAP.

Kuch bhi ho, chhoti mistake or badi mistake, it was thappad ki goonj for this actor.

Coming to the employer in question, well he has recently been in the news quite often for his violent streak and even his close aides don’t want to touch him with a barge pole. He hasn't succeeded as an actor yet and perhaps that's what tests his patience every now and then.

Man's greatest enemy is anger, I tell you.