Shhhh...! This TV Actor Wears A Wig To Hide His Receding Hairline

Hear, Hear! You might not notice it, he will definitely never say... but we know that this popular TV hunk is wearing a wig to conceal his receding hairline...

Known for his good looks and charming ways the actor has just returned to the small screen after a hiatus of 3 years. He’s currently making waves with his comeback show, where he plays the male lead opposite 2 stunning ladies.

The hunky star is being lauded for his good looks on the show. Talking of which, we’d like to mention his lustrous and bouncy mane – and his expensive wig.

But why a wig? Well, let’s tell you, it ain’t his character’s demand but his personal demand. The actor feels he’s shedding hair and getting a receding hairline and cover it up, he must.

While many might be ok with ‘hair today, gone tomorrow,’ but when you’re in the showbiz you can’t take such chances. Now, can you?