‘Quid pro quo’, that is the unofficial motto of Bollywood. No one scratches your back unless you scratch theirs first. And this young singer did scratch a music composer’s itch.

Despite coming from a family with musical connections, the singer did not have it easy. She started with a song a few years ago and then was struggling for more work.

She was introduced to a young music composer through common friends and sparks flew. The two did not take it slow and dived head first into a steamy affair.

She became a regular at his bachelor pad and he gave her a song to sing in a big film.

She got her first hit and the affair continued.  Both were even spotted together at many events, though it was clear that the relationship was not a serious one.

He was doing well then and he continued to sign her up for songs. The arrangement was working out well for both of them.

Then, as usual, money became an issue. The singer apparently felt short-changed in regards to her fees. When she raised the issue, the composer gave her an earful and called her thankless as he gave her the big break. To which the singer replied that she too had paid a ‘good price’ for it.

Thus after a very heated argument, they parted ways but also decided that they would never work with each other again.

The singer is now struggling once again while the composer too has not delivered a hit in a while. Guess who?

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