She has been mired in a controversy or two before, and lately she started dating a very influential hotelier. We are talking about the sister of a star actress who continues to impress us with her acting histrionics.

So, lately this sister was talked about to have been ditched by the hotelier in question.

The question that is being asked in the industry of late is: What led to the acrimonious split?

Well, here's the shocker. The poor sis found out that the catering tycoon was married!

Ji haan, and the wife obviously had no inkling what he was doing behind her back.

That the shock sent the sis into a tizzy and lots more is a given, and we hear that she still gets nightmares on how she was taken for a ride.

It is baffling that the sis blinded in love did not ever check his phone, which had lots of missed calls and text messages from his wife when he was busy with her.

A friend of the sis tells us that the poor girl was even thinking about settling down in matrimony because her career has not been going great guns. No doubt, she thought that she had found the best man on earth. You know how it is when one has lost his/her heart.

But kya karen? Hotelier ka ghar toh bas chuka tha, and he was in no mood to ujado it. So when the sis confronted him, he shrugged it off saying 'That's not my problem. Do what you want'. She cried a bucket of tears, and as we told you, went into a tizzy and lots more.

These men, I tell you.
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