He is a star, she is a starlet. The Bollywood grapevine has been buzzing with whispers of their affinity for each other.

This evening, they were almost caught on camera! Here is what happened.

The paparazzi were waiting outside a popular salon in Khar hoping to get a picture of another young actress and her mother, who were getting their tresses tended to in there.

And then, two cars rolled up to the salon and one of them was a fancy white vehicle.

The starlet got out of her car and ran in to the salon, trying her best not be clicked.

But by then the photographer’s attention was diverted by the luxury car. They wanted to get a peek at the person inside, who was not stepping out. They all were curious, ‘Kaun hai andar?’.

They recognized the star and naturally wanted to click him and his luxury car. But the star’s security entourage, which was accompanying him, obstructed their view immediately. The photographers were given a stern warning, ‘No pictures can be taken’.

No prizes for guessing that while the bodyguards were dealing with the paparazzi, the star took a swift U-turn and sped away!


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