Star Wife Asks Husband’s Girlfriend To Leave The Party After Nasty Fight

This star, his wife and girlfriend got into an ugly fight post which the latter was the lover was asked to leave the house. Ouch!

It was time for celebration and a number of guests had gathered at a star couple’s house. The actor’s girlfriend too came in for the bash with a good friend in tow.

All was going well until the gentleman asked wife to pose with his girlfriend in one frame. The former showcased some resistance but the actor managed to convince her and the three flashed their smiles for the camera. The wife was mighty displeased at what she was ‘forced’ to do and took the actor to a corner to give him a piece of her mind. Unfortunately, the girlfriend and another director friend overheard the conversation and couldn’t help but join.

One thing led to another and soon, things went out of hand, so much so that the star’s wife asked her to leave the house. Goes without saying, the girlfriend was red with fury and immediately left. 

Well, not all celebrations end well.