Bollywood is famously fickle. One moment you are on top of the world, all its riches laid at your feet. Two flops later, you are promptly discarded and a younger face replaces you.

The protagonists of this sorry tale faced a similar fate.

One of them was a very popular vamp in the ‘70s and ‘80s and her jalwas can be seen in many superhits from that decade.

She has since fallen on hard times. In her old age, she got cataract in her eyes and her vision was compromised. The sad part is, she could not even afford surgery.

She finally went to the ophthalmologist , who saw that she was doing poorly and offered to treat her for free.

The same doctor also offered his free services to another ‘80s bombshell.

She was part of a cult hit from that decade starring a diva who is famously evergreen and seems to be drinking from the fountain of youth.

This actress however is old and broke. She too was suffering from cataracts and once again did not have the funds to seek treatment.

She suffered through her condition and only went to the doctor when it became unbearable. The doctor understood that she cannot pay for the surgery and just charged her for the medicines that he provided.

This is sadly, a very common story in Bollywood where old stars become history as soon as their sheen fades.

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