This actor and actress are the lead pair of an upcoming film and they are going all out to promote the project.

So, events galore and they get dressed to the nines and smile for the cameras. Little does anyone know that their staff is usually grimacing with hunger backstage.

Meanwhile, the stars return home with bags full of food.

This miserly twosome has learnt a little trick to hoard as much free food as possible. While they are being readied for their appearance, they order food for the entire team- the stylists, assistants, make-up artists etc.

And the bill is footed by the production house as per protocol and the stars order copious amounts of expensive eatables.

The stars take so many breaks to eat that often the entire schedule goes for a toss and the journalists are left waiting while these two gorge on room service.

But here is the cinch, the actors do not finish the food nor do they give it to their team. To everyone’s shock and dismay, they pack the leftovers and take it home. This has become a routine. Now that the  bills are mounting, the production house has taken note of their habit.

While the stars feast, their entourage is forced to either go hungry or pay for their own food. Isn’t this despicable? Well such is Bollywood...


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