This Actress Refuses To Leave This Actor’s House; Upsets His Family

This actor and actress are friends alright, but looks like the latter has begun taking way too many liberties with him and his family. She visits the star’s house 6 days a week leaving the family seething in anger...

If one had to visit this actor’s house, they would often find this actress at his place. One would assume that she turns up at the gentleman’s residence once in a while owing to family-like relations with him, but let us tell you that she heads to the actor’s house 6 days in a week.

The lady in question makes herself comfortable at the actor’s house irrespective of his presence, leaving the family seething in anger. Goes without saying, they feel its intrusion of privacy. After all, for how long does one entertain an outsider?

The actor on his part has been responsible for the actress’ projects and continues to help her with getting her some work to keep her kitchen fire burning, however, she doesn’t seem to get the drift.

We wonder if she is ignorant or it’s a case of act a fool.