This Actress’s Son Can’t Meet His Grandfather. Guess Who?

She enjoys being a hands-on mother to her son, however, feels it’s best that he doesn’t interact with his grandfather. Why? Read on

Problems are a part of every household, but in the one that we are referring to, they are seeping into the next generation.

This actress was well-known for her girl-next-door looks in her hey days before she, a la several other Bollywood divas, bid adieu to the world of films after tying the knot.

She seemed to have taken a shine to domesticity, with a few appearances here and there. The actress currently enjoys being a hands-on mom to her son.

Some time ago, this lady garnered eyeballs for her drastic transformation with many touting it to be a case of plastic surgery gone wrong.

Now, a little birdie tells us that not all is well in her personal life. No, her marriage is not on the rocks. In fact, all seems to be going well in that department. This piece of information concerns her son.

We have learnt that this actress doesn’t let her son meet his grandfather, who is a public figure as well.

According to her, the father-in-law is way too blunt – sometimes borderline regressive – and she doesn’t want her son to be influenced in any way. The father-in-law has made some outrageous statements on public platforms in the past which were received with severe backlash and this actress was left embarrassed and had to apologise.

The husband, who is aware of his father’s mentality, supports this actress and maintains that it’s in the couple’s best interest if their son stays away from his grandfather.

Who says that life is easy?