This Arrogant Star Is CHEATING On His Loyal Girlfriend

He came, acted- but did not literally conquer. He would have been better-placed, had it not been for his bad temper and haughtiness. And now, he is having a scene with many girls behind his girlfriend's back

He thinks no end of himself, fights with his directors, leaves films after committing to them. and is now having flings with other girls- while his steady girlfriend is obviously oblivious about.

We do not wish to break the innocent lady's heart and hence this a blind item.

You can take your guesses, but we must also tell you that he even bitches out his directors to his co-stars. Aaj kal he is frequently sending WhatsApp messages to the heroine of his next film, which have several uncharitable remarks about the director of one of his upcoming films.

Success and attitude sometimes go hand-in-hand, but infidelity?