This Colourful TV Star Is A Top Lady’s Squeeze!

He is getting up, close and personal with a certain lady who is 8-10 years older than him, and now reaping rich benefits in his professional life

There is little doubt that connections play a substantial role in furthering your career. The following story is a classic example.

This TV star has been making headlines for his unpredictable temperament and frequent mood swings. While those in the know say that he is sustaining because of the star value he brings to his projects, has it that the real reason behind his career sailing smoothly is a certain lady.

A little birdie tells us that this gentleman’s proximity to a senior lady, who is 8-10 years older than him, in a GEC has had a significant impact on his career. In fact, it is due to her powerful position that the actor can get away with giving a tough time to those he works with.

The lady is well-connected and in times of trouble he is quick to dial her number and ask for help. In fact, his co-workers are miffed with the scenario, but there is nothing they can do to change the situation.

Well, such are the ways of the world. Sometimes, knowing the right people is all you need.  

And oh, those ladders in Bollywood and Tellywood, I tell you!