This Male TV Actor's 'Special Services' Are The Talk Of Town

This television actor is not difficult to track down, but he is keeping himself very busy these days with a demanding job that offers him loads of money. The man's girlfriend trusts him to be a one-woman man. Such is our glamour industry...

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This Male TV Actor's 'Special Services' Are The Talk Of Town

This male TV actor provided some favours to a gay from Bollywood who showed him the moon, and then we don't know if he enjoyed it so much or felt that he could use this as a shortcut to get films--- that he sent out a Rate Card to Bollywood.

Yeah, you heard it right, all and sundry knew that he is just a phone call away.

But wait a minute! Let us tell you that his steady girlfriend, who also is from the TV world, is completely unaware about this till date.

So merrily, this guy is going around piling up money in his bank balance.

And guess what! He has become so (in)famous that he was a hot topic of discussion in a recent Bollywood party.

Some people really know the wrong tricks and trade to go right up, don't they?

Lekin kuch dar lag raha hai. With the whispers now getting a tad louder, we feel that some of them might just reach his attractive ladylove's ears. Qayamat Aa Jayegi!a

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