This Musical Jodi Enjoys Food & Drinks On Their Fans’ Money

You might have heard of stars helping fans out, but here comes one where an established musical jodi often has a good time, but using their fans’ money

They say, all that glitters is not gold, and this story is the perfect example.

This musical jodi has fans aplenty. Time and again, this duo receives messages and videos from their admirers who request them to meet or simply express their fondness. However, what if we told you that this Jodi uses their fans’ money to enjoy food and drinks? Yes, believe it.

Here’s what happens. This twosome organises meetings with fans at a 5-star in the city. Once there, they chat up with them and even perform a couple of songs. So far, so good, right? But here comes the catch.

These musicians then head to the bar and order the costliest alcohol and food to go with it. Once they have had their heart’s fill, they make a quiet exit.

The enamoured fans keep waiting for this duo to get back to resume interaction, only to realise that they have left the venue. That’s not all, fans are shocked to find that this jodi hasn’t cleared the bill and they have to pay up.

Bollywood and its ways, we tell you!