Looks like we just stumbled upon the latest couple in B-Town. This actress, who was recently seen in a blockbuster, was spotted hanging out with her co-star of another film a few days ago.

The actor in question has a couple of films to his credit but none have managed to create an impact at the box-office. The duo was seen cosying up in a suburban mall as they hopped from one store to another. While they had a friend for company, it was evident that the two only have eyes for each other; they never let go of each other’s hand.  

Rewind to the time they were promoting their film together. Such was the chemistry and comfort level between these two actors that speculations were rife that they were indeed a couple. However, considering it was happening days before the film was to release, many passed it off as a mere promotional tactic and the buzz died down.

Now, their latest spotting is indication that something is indeed brewing between the duo and if their body language was anything to go by, they are not shy of grabbing eyeballs at public places.


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